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Swim Meet 101

Meet Day:

  • Swimmers must be 4 or older to compete in swim meets.
  • Arrive to the meet early/on-time. 
  • Home swim meets: swimmers need to arrive to Centennial pool at 3:30-3:45pm with warm-ups beginning at 4:00pm.
  • Away swim meets: swimmers need to arrive at the host pool at 4:00-4:15pm with warm-ups beginning at 4:30pm.
  • Swimmers must warm up in the pool prior to the meet. 
  • Swimmers and volunteers need to check in with the Team Parent.
  • The official start time for meets is 5:00 pm. Individual medleys are the first events and then 6 year old and under swim all of their events first. They are free to leave when finished, assuming parents have no volunteer obligations.
  • All swimmers must be able to float and swim "unassisted" in order to participate in any meets. 
  • All events will be limited to five heats with the exception of 6 years old and under.
  • Swimmers are NOT allowed in the pool unless swimming their event.
  • Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks. Concessions will be available at home meets.
  • Bring an extra pair of goggles.
  • Bring your team swim cap. Swimmers are not allowed to wear "club" swim caps. Only plain caps or our team caps are allowed.
  • Bring 2 beach towels/blanket. (swimmers will need a towel/blanket to sit on and a towel to keep dry)
  • Wear sunscreen! (apply after arm marking, before coming to meet)
  • Swimmers and their parents are ultimately responsible for lining up for their events. We will have designated areas for the swimmers to remain when not in their events, to keep them organized for their next swim. Please encourage your swimmer to remain there.
  • Swimmers must remain well-behaved and listen to instruction. Any swimmers misbehaving will be sent to wait with their parents, and the parents will be responsible for lining them up for their events.
  • If swimmers are not in line for their events, the meet will continue without them. It is not the coach's job to track down missing swimmers if they are not nearby when it is time to line up.
  • Please do not remove your swimmer form the meet for the day without first checking with the coach to confirm if they are swimming in the freestyle relays. Our goal is to have as many swimmers as possible swim these relays so don't be surprised to see them pulled in last minute. 
  • Swimmers in the final heat will be disqualified (D.Q.'d) for improper strokes. If your child is DQ'd, please assure your swimmer that it is okay and how proud you are of them for trying. The coaches get a list of the D.Q.'s and they will go over with the swimmers in practice!
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Want to be a sponsor?

Interested in helping sponsor the swim team? Please e-mail Lynsay Cassidy at with any ideas.

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